Reasons Why Sealcoating Asphalt Is Necessary

Roads would not be safe and drivable without asphalt concrete. However, this material deteriorates under certain conditions such as cold climate, potholes, shoving, stripping among many others. All these can be summarized under environmental factors and traffic loads. For these problems to be solved, sealing coat must be applied on the roads. The need for maintenance and improvement of roads has increased the number of sealcoat companies. There are several reasons why seal coating is essential to asphalt.


Sealcoating the asphalt saves money. The coating can be done after every few years to protect the pavement continually. In cases where the footpath goes through the tear and wear without the seal, there is no option but replacing. Road replacement is costly and time-consuming.  It is, therefore, a good idea to seal coat it to avoid all this hassle on time and money.


Sealcoating asphalt protects it from the sunlight's UV radiation. Roads are exposed to the sun all the hours in a day. The light from the sun can wear down the asphalt. As a result, the aggregate held together by the pavement starts to loosen up and tear down. The road breaks down and becomes very rough. It requires a lot of work to repair and fix such type of pavement. To avoid all these problems, you need to protect the asphalt from the beginning with a sealing coat. The coat specially protects the bitumen from the harsh and harmful radiation from the sun. It keeps the road stronger and lengthens its lifespan.


The sealing coat also helps to protect the asphalt against freezing. In the cold weather, the temperatures fluctuate. This turns to be a strain on the road because it freezes and then thaws again. As a result, the asphalt damages and cracks. The sealing coat protects the asphalt from the harsh winter temperatures and helps to prevent significant cracking.


Asphalt can be protected from various chemical reactions by the sealing coat. Any time there is a gas spill on the roads, the pavement is damaged because it can react with those chemicals. They are both petroleum products. This reaction weakens the asphalt structure. It becomes soft, weak and its lifespan is reduced. The unique sealing coat will create a barrier that stops any chemical reactions on the asphalt.


It is evident that seal coating is critical to high traffic roads and places. For easy maintenance of ways, you need to select the right sealcoating contractor who is using the modern seal coating equipment. There are very many seal coating manufacturers in the market today, and you need to hire the best manufacturer for the best services.

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